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In real life, but also at work, it is easy to be carried away by the initial enthusiasm that accompanies every new enterprise.

Beginning a new activity or a new project is always the easiest part of the equation- the sheer number of sporting items and accessories bought by people all over the world, only to be left rotting in a cabinet after more than a couple of uses is testament to that.

Going to the gym?  You take out a 1-year deluxe membership that gives you access to all the perks the establishment has to offer 24/7, you go to the flashy sports accessory shop and you buy two pairs of everything – trainers, wrist-bands, shirts which transpire sweat in a hi-tech way that leaves you feeling fresh as a flower..  So you being begin by following assiduously ever single piece of advice you can find on the intertubes, radically change your diet, go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week.  Those of a particularly enthusiastic disposition will even buy the whole training equipment lot for home, just in case…  And so on and so forth.

Until… Fast-forward to a couple of months, maybe even weeks, later.  And all the equipment has been lying there gathering dust, now, for longer than you could care to count.  You probably can’t even find the gym membership card anymore.  Make no mistake, gyms all around the world thrive on such people.  Otherwise they would be full to overflowing with no hope of getting new members at all ;).

But where was I? Oh yeah! the problem of course, is focus :).  Lack of focus is the one thing that can keep you from becoming the best in whatever enterprise you decide to undertake.  Consider the pros in any form of sport.  Do you think they have achieved their status simply by practicing every once in a while, in between visits to the local burger joint?  Not at all.  Achieving a high level of proficiency in any discipline requires self-sacrifice, tenacity, the ability to forgo on slouching on the couch in front of the TV for endless hours in favour of running that extra-couple of miles a day, or studying a little bit more, applying yourself in order to reach that plateau on the horizon; and the one after that.

And for that to happen you need to focus.  You need to make your objective, the over-arching reason for your life.  You need to want to achieve.  It is a very well known-fact, that if you aim for 60-70% success in any enterprise, you will only end up getting 30-40% out of it.  Therefore, in order to obtain 80-90%, or even anything near to 100%, you need to aim real high.  You need to overshoot.  Aim for 120-130%.  Anything less, and you might just go sit on the couch and spare yourself the expense of starting in the first place.

In conclusion, it is easy to begin something.  But taking it to the next level, to eventual success and reaping the rewards. That is where your level of focus can make the difference between the best and the also-ran.

Point to remember – Second place is the first of the losers!

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