A major problem with living on a rock splat in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is about expectation.
You do expect things to get better in time. Standard of living, wages, services, roads are all things that, once we voted  to be part of the European hegemony, were reasonably expected to improve.
And don’t get me wrong, there are areas which have really got better by leaps and bounds over the last ten years.
The one main problem, however, is the one thing that really cannot be changed: the  island’s inhabitants and the good enough mentality which  afflicts them.
As I write this, I’m in at hospital waiting for my turn to take a  blood test. The appointment was at 10 am and it is now 20 minutes past that hour. I look around me and from the amount of people present I know I’m really not going anywhere soon as the department is overwhelmed, the service too slow and more people are queueing behind me. And this is not the first time it is happening, nor will it be the last.
To add to my aggravation, I had just spent 20 minutes trying to find a space to park in the hopelessly inadequate car park which was originally designed with four floors, only to have the top two reserved for God knows who. If the space is reserved for the employees it would be logical to ask why the authorities don’t follow their own teachings about using pooled transport and  organise private coaches. It would definitely save on some space and aggravation for those who come here for a service.
In the meantime, it’s now thirty-five minutes past ten and I’m still waiting in the main lobby from where I will be called to sit in the waiting room after which I will be called to stand in the queue…
I guess as long as you don’t die first, it’s good enough, no?

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