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I have been on a ‘diet’ for the past two weeks.  Yes, I finally had to admit that I needed to take stock of what i was stuffing in my face or else face the prospect of never going back to my original weight or, even worse, gaining even more weight.

I’m not the type to go for a starvation diet, so my aim was to eat healthy while still feeling at least vaguely full. So I settled for a regime involving:

  1. A bowl of Kellogg’s Special K in the morning,
  2. A cereal bar around 10am,
  3. Salad – chicken, salmon or grilled vegetables – for noon, and
  4. Special K again in the evening.

The result so far is that I have gone down from 77.6KG to 75.0 in two weeks. Not bad at all.. Obviously this is not something that would work for everyone. Hell, it barely works for me as I find myself craving snacks and junk food all the time!

On that last note, I am not observing the routine during weekends because.. well, the weekends are there for enjoyment and even anyway breaking it for two weekends on end has not dented the result.  Granted, it could be that I would have lost even more weight, but luckily 5 days a week seems to be enough.

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