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Some people just need a Hi5 in the face.. with a chair

April 6, 2016 Leave a comment

I really wonder what goes on in the brains of people sometimes.  A dev finds me on skype, asking me to check for performance on one of the DB servers.

It takes me five minutes to log in and another couple of minutes to start the Task Manager. Eventually I managed establish that the SQLserver is taking up a hug chunk of RAM and most of the CPU time.

When I tell this to the Dev, he’s like ‘Yes cause it’s performing a restore..’

Me: Table-Flip-Guy


September 30, 2014 Leave a comment

This has been a rather depressing day from the beginning.  The traffic situation in our roads since the start of the school season is frankly horrendous.  A journey that used to take me not more than 5 minutes on a bad day has now become a rush-hour kind of journey that takes no less than 20. That’s a four-fold increase on a trip that is less than 5 kilometres in length.

Sadly, there is no easy solution in sight. The fact that I take Rob to school means that I cannot realistically employ any other mode of transport. Alternative routes are also a risky enterprise – getting stuck can mean being literally stuck, with the engine switched off, for up to 15 minutes with no way to turn around.

What to do? :-/

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Awaiting the Sunday Roast

November 29, 2009 1 comment

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As has been happening every two weeks for the last couple of months, I find myself yet again stuck in my office with my laptop, the iMac and not much else for company on a Sunday morning.  Spending Sunday at work can have a surprisingly weird impact on one’s psyche.  For instance, I usually end up falling into a state of semi-depression, I can’t be arsed to do anything and, by the end of the day, I’m usually very cross and feeling sorry for myself.

This time round, though, I managed to keep myself occupied somewhat.  There was the RAM upgrade on my favourite victim iMac to perform, and I managed to finish a couple of chapters on C#.  Soon as I finish writing this useless jumble of raving thoughts, I will also go and avail myself of the only good thing left here – the kitchen’s Sunday Roast.

In other news, FriendFeed seems to be kicking the proverbial bucket – after yesterday’s service interruptions, I now cannot expand conversations on the main page – the LHC has already been operating some tests and the world is still here, AND I’m still waiting to get into possession of my new car, a stone-grey 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer, which is held up at the dealer because the bloody licensing and testing department still hasn’t issued the plates for it.

All told, it’s a turning out to be a relatively normal wasted-Sunday morning and afternoon.  Now if only the hours could be made to pass faster..

update:  Sunday roast duly ordered, received and consumed.  Sorry to say, I forgot to take any pics, but it looked fairly much like this.

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The Story so Far

April 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Well it’s been an interesting week as far as most things go.  My twitter following is increasing slowly but surely.  It is nice because I get to follow interesting people who I could never have know about before.  Remember, the real power of twitter is not in how many followers you have, but in how many and who you follow.  This will only become apparent once you are following a couple of hundred people.  What happens at that point is that your tweet-deck comes alive with a never ending stream of information, ideas, cheer and good will.  I’ve yet to meet a pessimist on Twitter – sometimes I wonder what the reaction would be if I started spewing out pessimism.  I’d probably get un-followed within a day 🙂

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